Online Counseling

The counseling process begins with you reaching out to me at to schedule your first session.
The first session will be an intake which is used to gather your history as well as more information about the problem and how it has been affecting your quality of life. Examples of common problems I treat include depression, mood disorders including Bipolar, anxiety, trauma, childhood abuse, codependency, marital issues, anger management, career transitions, and major life changes. The time frame of the therapy process is open and can range anywhere from a few months to a year or more.

Whether you are looking for individual, couples or family therapy, every session is confidential and privacy protected, and you will be provided with forms of consent for the therapy process at the time of the first meeting.

In regard to couples counseling, the counseling process can include both individual and couples sessions, and the average length of couples therapy is six months to one year.

Therapy is conducted through video or audio calls on a HIPPA compliant platform, protected for privacy.

Therapy is terminated when the client feels ready to move forward with more confidence and a sense of wellness. Often clients know instinctively when they are ready to end therapy, and I work to make transition to end therapy as smooth as possible. “Check in” sessions following termination are common, and I am happy to help assist in future sessions in any way I can.