Work With Me

Welcome! I’m a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to helping people struggling with relationship, mental health, and substance abuse issues as well as existential crises. I view each client within the context of their family, upbringing, and environment within a systems perspective. Many presenting problems that cause distress including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship problems, are often related to current or past relationships, trauma, or environmental triggers. My specialty area is working with couples, however I have been providing individual, family and group therapy for many years. I consider myself a global citizen due to the opportunity to live, study and/or work in Philadelphia, NYC, Madrid, Moscow, Prague, Miami and currently Zurich, Switzerland. I have experience working with clients from all kinds of ethnic/religious/spiritual backgrounds and am very focused on empowering each client to find with the best solutions to their problems. Therapy is a fluid process of exchange between the therapist and client, and I believe that by strengthening the self the client will be able to work more effectively to build the life or relationship they dream of. I have traveled extensively the past 20 years and have been to over 30 countries including India, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Lebanon, as well as all over Europe. I love learning about new cultures and ways of life and am passionate about world history, psychology, cooking, and plant-based nutrition. I approach therapy by examining how the mind, body, and spirit are being nurtured or neglected, and diet/nutrition is part of the thorough intake when you start the therapeutic process.