Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

In today’s global society we appear to be more connected than ever, with more choices than we’ve had in the past. But having more options, material goods, acquaintances, etc. does not always equate with having a richer, more fulfilling life. Many people feel overwhelmed and are left putting too much emphasis on things are not truly meaningful to them; which ends up leaving them feeling uninspired and unhappy. Whether you are trying to answer the existential questions of your life about your purpose and/or meaning, or you are suffering from a mental health issue such as anxiety, Bipolar, or depression, or are having relationship issues, I am ready to listen and work collaboratively to find the solutions to make your life more productive and joyful. Sometimes in life we find ourselves stagnant in a place we have stayed in way too long, and the quickest way to move forward is to explore what is holding us back and what will help propel us forward. As your therapist, my job is not to provide the answers for you. You are the expert on your life, and the strength to change it lies within you. It is my job to help you realize strengths you may have forgotten about and to give another perspective to issues you have been struggling with. I view relationships in a systems perspective; that means that we will examine all the core parts of your family system to find out how your current issues may be related to or be maintained by your current or past relationships. As most people do not live in a vacuum, and problems are maintained by circular patterns of communication, it may be useful in treatment to involve loved ones including children or spouses when necessary to enact positive change in the whole system. Specialties of mine include treating substance abuse, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD